Focus on Women

What sets women advisors apart? Their search to integrate the facets of their business into a dynamic, whole, and fulfilling life.

Women feel pressured to do it all, all at once:

Although men are increasingly sharing the effort to raise children and keep a home, studies show that the bulk of domestic work is still performed by women. Women advisors oftentimes face disproportionate expectations.

There are strategies that successful women advisors use to harmonize all the parts of their lives. Transcend PM will help you identify the strategies that work.

Connection & Networking

Women comprise only 18% of the nationwide field of financial advisors. Thus, it is not uncommon to hear reports of disconnection and segregation. Not seeing others like you in the same field can lead to feelings of isolation and a sense that there is no safety net should you stumble.

Building a community offset against isolation through networking is a widely used strategy amongst female advisors. Transcend PM can help. We work with women frequently to build communities, create study groups, and broaden female networks within the industry.


Mentoring in a one-on-one setting can be a tremendously rewarding experience. If you would like to serve as a mentor, or if you are looking for a mentor to guide you, Transcend PM can help. We can provide materials to support engagements, including preparation guidelines, mentor and mentoree profiles, and meeting agendas.