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A Transcendent Approach

Transcend PM utilizes a unique blend of consulting and coaching as a powerful way to clarify and realize your vision. We will help you find solutions to the objective challenges that exist in your business–whether those challenges involve planning, growth, staffing, efficiencies, M&A, succession planning…or simply finding transparency and emotional peace of mind within your practice and in your life.


Our process begins by identifying the particular problem that you present, and then engaging in a process of inquiry to unearth the range of actual issues involved. Our work together reveals the hidden details surrounding your business objectives, while exploring how your perceptions, attitudes, opinions, and beliefs contribute to the reality of your current situation.


We use our decades of experience in the financial services industry to design an actionable plan which brings your newfound vision to life. As your coach, we help you implement that plan and navigate your internal subjective world, guiding you to understand that the lens through which you see your firm may, in fact, be the single largest obstacle to greater success. Throughout the course of our work together, Transcend PM helps you stay accountable and on track. We join forces with our clients and move forward jointly to a new place of understanding and empowerment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! We are accustomed to working with clients who begin in a state of ambiguity and gain clarity and specificity about
next steps through our process. 

Our time-tested process will home in on the key issues that need addressing, prioritize them based on their contribution to
your long-term vision, and bring clarity to your path forward with a step- by-step implementation plan.

Transcend PM will streamline the process, take work off your plate whenever possible, and reduce your stress (not add to it!). Our variety of scheduling and pricing options give you the flexibility to choose how to engage with us so that you commit only to what is reasonable for you.
You set the pace for the change you want to make. We will share as much of the workload as possible to ensure that you can focus on the things that you do best, like meeting with clients and prospects.

Working with a consultant or a coach is an investment in your business and in yourself. The investment reaps benefits for the
long run which can be measured in reclaimed time, increased revenue, and greater peace of mind. We have a variety of pricing plans available.

Rising above the status quo will take you out of your comfort zone…and that’s where growth lives! Our process — which blends consulting and coaching — is designed to help you explore your edges and grow. We will be with you along the way! The work will not be yours alone.