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Specially made for a particular person.

Plenty of consulting programs claim to prescribe “the best way” for you to run your business. But ultimately no off-the-shelf system will solve all of your unique business challenges. Transcend PM knows what standardized programs won’t admit…they were not designed for you.

Exceptional consulting is an act of creativity.

Transcend PM has created a custom approach for its financial advisor clientele. We take the time to listen and understand in an independent and objective way, applying decades of experience and creativity. The result is a truly bespoke solution.

We never stop looking for new angles
to solve hard problems.

We never stop looking for new angles to solve hard problems.




Whether you are planning to retire in 1 year or 10 years, having a plan to transition your business to your successor is the key to making it happen smoothly. We will help you through due diligence, agreement design, negotiation, and valuation, as well as implementation considerations such as communications strategies, staffing design, and operation adjustments.


Businesses are living entities and the roles that you need in place will shift with time, as will the knowledge and skills that your team needs to do their jobs best. Transcend PM will help you design an organizational response to the opportunities in front of you so that you can grow and take on new initiatives with confidence.


How you and your team are rewarded for the work you do may change as your firm evolves. We will work with you to design compensation strategies that not only reward work well done but incentivize growth and personal development for the long-term.


Mergers and acquisitions are hot topics in the financial advisory industry and you may be thinking about whether either strategy is the right way for your firm to grow. Transcend PM draws on decades of experience helping firms to navigate the M&A arena to help you gain clarity on the path that works for you.


As your coach, we will guide you through change so that you can face the future with optimism and enthusiasm. We do this by connecting your inner purpose with the goals that you have set out to achieve.

Executive coaching increases self-awareness, clarifies goals, helps you achieve your development objectives, and unlocks your potential.

Leadership coaching works with high achievers to make a lasting impact on their business. It maximizes relationships and increases productivity through heightened motivation, inspiration, and creativity.
Accountability coaching ensures you stay on track to achieve what is important to you. Sharing your goals with a professional coach is a critical first step and, as your accountability partner, we will help you identify and hold to the commitments that you make.



You want to get the most out of the meetings you hold, particularly strategic planning and team building sessions. But it can be very hard to get the participation you want from your team when you must be both the facilitator and a participant. We can help. Maria has facilitated dozens of meetings for clients in a wide range of settings, including strategic planning, team building, client focus groups, and study group sessions. She offers this service based on more than a decade of experience, with hundreds of successful engagements. Maria has served as the facilitator for groups as small as 10 or as large as 50. She allows you to achieve the objectives for your meeting by providing objective, independent expert facilitation.


Maria designs and creates customized multi-day workshops and conferences for audiences ranging from one dozen to several hundred. She creates customized programs focused on:

Workshop participants may be members of your firm or advisor colleagues at other firms. Our workshop participants strengthen relationships and benefit from the opportunity of learning together.


Speaking engagements

Whether you want an engaging presenter for your small study group or a captivating speaker for your conference of several hundred people, Maria has the experience and credentials you seek. She has been featured on radio and television, and served as an opening speaker, content specialist, panelist, interviewer, guest expert, and keynote speaker.

Here are just some of the topics Maria has addressed:

Access to proprietary tools

As a Certified Kolbe Consultant, the suite of Kolbe assessments and reports will be available to you and your team to provide objective insight into your strengths, communication styles, and approaches to problem solving. [Additional fees apply.]

We are flexible—and so are our pricing options


Hour-long coaching or consultation sessions booked at your discretion. Billed monthly by invoice. All meetings scheduled in advance.


A block of time (5-hour minimum) purchased at a reduced rate up-front. Hours are used at the discretion of the client. All meetings scheduled in advance.


Professional courtesy pricing for clients with more robust consulting and coaching requirements. A minimum of 24 hours to be used over three months. Transcend PM is available on an as-needed basis as an exclusive benefit for retainer clients.


Monthly calls over the course of a year or more, purchased up-front at a reduced rate.